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Pesto Retro

Game Concept

Pesto Retro is a 2.5D platformer in which the player embodies Graziella. She will have to escape the villa with her loot and flee from a group of gansters .the loot is called The Pesto Retro.

With the help of her Pasta Gun, a steam gun able to cook pasta, the player will be able to neutralize the enemies and progress in the level while carrying the loot. This will handicap the player as he/she will  lose reflexes and movement.

Role: Level Designer & Game Designer

Concerning Pesto Retro, I have realized the whole level design on paper before designing and texturing it in Unity.

The particularity of the game is that the interactive éléments are in 2.5D.

To achieve this, I have used 2D collider boxes which allow me me to choose if the playercan go behind or not thanks to a "boolean".

The biggest challenge was to realize and texture a quite vast level design in only a few weeks.

The Team

Level Designer & IA Designer : Antonin Druelle

Creative Director & Character Artist : Julia Martinez Baiardi

Lead Game Designer (3C & Combat) : Tristan Veille

Producer, System & Narrative Designer : Lila Grimaldi

Lead Game Programmer (3C) : Alexis Ledouble

Programmer (Gameplay & IA) : Julien Crépin

Environment Artists : Vincent Letang, Clara Wimmer

Animator : Noémie Meguerditchian


Platformer 2.5D


Italian 50's



Play Time

15 min


PC (4:3 only)


Mouse & Keyboard



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