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General Information
Pitch :

Pasta Madra is a third- person adventure action game in which the player controls Graziella, a young mafioso who wants to  take revenge on an enemy gang. To do so, She’s going to get into the luxury Italian mansion belonging to the Rizzo Family to neutralise them and ransack the house with her Pastagun , which she can use to cook and shoot spaghetti.

Roles - Lead Level Designer & AI Designer :

Pastra Madre is the longest project on which I have worked ( a one-year project) and it represents a significant challenge for me because I am at the same time a Lead Level Designer and an IA Designer.

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3rd Person

Action / Adventure


Italian Mafia



Play Time

15 min




Keyboard or Gamepad


Unreal Engine 4

Mi-Production video
Mi-Production Presentation
Preproduction Prototype
Preproduction Document
The Team

Level Designer & IA Designer : Antonin Druelle

Creative Director & Character Artist : Julia Martinez Baiardi

Lead Game Designer (3C & Combat) : Tristan Veille

Producer, System & Narrative Designer : Lila Grimaldi

Lead Game Programmer (3C) : Alexis Ledouble

Programmer (Gameplay & IA) : Julien Crépin

Environment Artists : Vincent Letang, Clara Wimmer

Animator : Noémie Meguerditchian

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