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Actually Lead Game Designer at Balio Studio

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Who am I ?

Balio Studio

For 2 Years (Since January 2022)

I was approached in January 2022 by Balio Studio in Mons, who were looking for a new Game Designer to help them with their future productions. I worked with the studio's teams on Garfield - Lasagna Party, creating 32 original mini-games and a crazy board game mode (Lasagna Race). I then worked as the only Game Designer on The Sisters 2 - Road to Fame, a Party Game featuring a specially remodeled Open World. My job was to conceptualize and participate in the creation of 36 new Missions, 24 new Mini-games, all kinds of collectibles, rollerblade and scooter races, treasure hunts, and a host of other activities in this Open World. I'm currently working on The Smurfs - Village Party and an other undisclosed project based on world-famous license.

Smart Tale Games

During 6 Months (June 2021 to December 2021)

At the end of my studies, I joined the Smart Tale Games studio in Montpellier, where I worked on projects such as My Universe - Green Adventure, Gear Club Unlimited 2 Ultimate Edition and other undisclosed projects.


During 5 Years (September 2016 to June 2021)

I really started Game Design in 2016 at Rubika, participating in the development of many student projects. I particularly thrived on Pasta Madre, my graduation project, a TPS Action game set in an exalted 1960s Italian universe.


26 years old




Mons, Belgium

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DRUELLE Antonin - Résumé - EN V2.jpg

Download my résumé here


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Master's degree obtained in 2021

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Game Design

- Game Concept Creation

- GDD Redaction

- Listing of assets, anims, VFXs, etc.

- Schematic System Design

- Game Balancing

Level Design

- World Design 

- Map Creation and Concept

- 3D Blocking in Engine

Narrative Design

- Dialogue Redaction

- Story Writing


- Unity 3D

- Unreal Engine 5


- Adobe InDesign

- Microsoft Word

- Microsoft Excel



- Miro

- Microsoft Powerpoint

- Adobe Photoshop


- Monday

- Jira / Confluence



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Contact me

Mons, Belgium

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